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Supreme audio

Home without high-end sound and style is a terrible waste of potential. Our professional studio-grade coaxial transducers offer many advantages over traditional audio systems. Ultralow distortion, natural reproduction of the entire frequency band and wide-angle capability make them peerless champion for any home.

Fine-tune it your way

3 port tubes on the side and a pair of switches in the rear of each speaker allow you to fine-tune the frequency response according to the room acoustics and your listening preferences, without compromising sound fidelity.


No more hiding speakers in walls and ceilings when they can complement your style, reflect character and guarantee instant respect and even envy in the eyes of your visitors!

World premiere of 8 innovations

The speakers are very slim, yet there is no need for a subwoofer. Have them stand on the floor next to the wall or give them more space. Or mount them on the wall; horizontally or vertically, the choice is yours.

Interior friendly and chic

Rich palette of colors and premium textures ready to match any architects’ extravaganza. High gloss, matte, metallic, pearl and other finishes never before seen on speakers.

Finishing touch like no other

Lots of people choose branded speakers. Some of them look and play well. But how many friends of yours have their own name engraved in a 24 carat gold or platinum plaque to deliver the ultimate hallmark of exclusivity? BTW, a perfect gift idea…

Give your living room a gallery flavour

Art collection has been a status symbol for a while. Sexy Fusion has interchangeable fine art panels in its DNA. Feel free to reach to our curator to get advice on matching the style of your collection or get access to exclusive, not-public art pieces.


Both the audible and visible components are easily upgradable at will, making Sexy Fusion a unique, modular platform. How is that even possible? The crossover is user-replaceable and no soldering skills necessary. Just plug and play. That’s it!

The very end of high-end

Choose between two different custom-made crossovers, one preferred for classical, or acoustic music and jazz. The other excels at rock and metal. And for those who won’t settle for anything but the very best, our ultimate custom build features the famous top-line Mundorf capacitors and WBT terminals found in the most expensive speakers in the world.

Looks need a facelift? Let’s do it

The looks can be altered later too. From artworks on aluminium board (Dibond) to pieces on exclusive acrylic glass (Perspex) in highly limited editions (e.g. only 9 pieces in the world). Changing the panels is a simple job. It takes less than 1 minute to remove the old panels and attach the new ones. No tools necessary.

Sexy Fusion will never get boring

Together with the whole spectrum of interior friendly colors, designer-trendy textures (such as rusty metal and concrete) and black or white transducer covers, there is virtually unlimited number of choices and Sexy Fusion will never grow old!


"Boys have headphones. Men have speakers. Gentlemen have Sexy Fusion."

While other sound systems can only bring the pleasure of consumer electronics, Sexy Fusion adds sophistication of art, being taken care of like nobility and its mature character is reflected in responsibility and generosity.

VIP care

The loudspeakers are custom-made in about 4 weeks in the heart of Europe from carefully selected and matched premium components. After you choose the audio characteristics, colors and artworks, we have you sorted!

Welcome to the club

Your new speakers including artworks will be delivered on the day and at a time that suits you. We will install everything, connect and happily advise. No stress with other components of audio equipment such as amplifiers, cables and DAC converters. Stream your music from a mobile phone, PC or Mac at a high-end level if you wish.

Let acoustics play in your favour

Additional VIP services include the measurement of the acoustic properties of the interior and suggested improvements and even corrections. This concerns in particular rooms with large glass areas, hard floors and no carpets. Architects rarely know how to do it right, but most of the time we can fix it…


"Giving is the highest virtue."

We believe in responsibility of giving. And that success is an obligation.

That is why we decided to donate a sizable sum of money from each pair sold. Invictus Club is a registered charity, which supports the most talented and hard-working students of life-sciences. It is our privilege to facilitate the journey of future leaders in the fields of biotechnology, gene therapy and regenerative medicine.


Inspired by the world’s top galleries, we want to offer you to try Sexy Fusion at your own home. Or visit our showroom first; we respect your schedule.

Try Sexy Fusion at home

"It takes courage to do what you want. Other people have a lot of plans for you. Nobody wants you to do what you want to do."

Sexy Fusion is actually impossible to fully describe so why don’t you try it at home? That way you can better decide on color options, matching artworks and mainly, how big of an upgrade to your system Sexy Fusion could be. No rush, enjoy it for the whole week for free. And you can also borrow 2 pairs of artworks to compare. Will black-and-white be your style? Or lively colors? Landscapes, figures, abstract or conceptual works? Ask your friends to help you with the choice!

Reach our assistant at or call +420 735 000 730 to see when a pair for you will be available.


Both our showrooms are in Prague, Czech Republic.

Please make an appointment before visiting. You can experience Sexy Fusion at:

Insight Home, Na Usedlosti 1837/10, 147 00 Prague 4

American Barber in Prague, Na Bělidle 813/12, 150 00 Prague 5

Get in touch at or call +420 735 000 730 to book an appointment. We invite you to bring along your favorite tunes – on a CD, USB stick or you can stream from your mobile phone. And remember that lossless formats such as FLAC or ALAC are always much better than an MP3…

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Czech Business Club
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American Barber in Prague

Get in touch

If you have any question or comments, we will be happy to hear it.

If you send us your contact details, we will be glad to invite you to prestigious events where we will exhibit, and occasional special, invite-only events and parties!

+420 735 000 730

This contact is also for journalists and potential partners as we are relentless to bring the Sexy Fusion concept to all major cities around the world soon and would love to keep in touch with anyone sharing our vision.

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Dominik Nemec
Business Development Manager

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